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Back in architectural school I was given a project of designing a studio space for an artist. Being an artist, I imagined what is it that an artist needs and wants in a studio space architecturally? As an architect I wanted to execute sustainability for the future and enhancement in architecture. And give optional motivation to the artist whether clean and/or chaotic contemplative space and world of the artist.
The Architecture should motivate and give the artists visions.
The skin is a modular mold using recycled vinyl from wasted billboards around Houston, which will give a varied façade being an art piece within itself. These molds will have openings for growing food vegetation such as potatoes, tomatoes, celery, etc. The secondary skin is a recycled aluminum that serves as structure and also an infrastructure that collects water to grow vegetation on the soil on the primary skin, also the structure collects water for the geothermal pumps for heating and cooling. The skin below that is a glazed panel wall system that allows the artist to close for heating in winter, and to open for exposure for cooling. The space’s main concentration is to give the artist a closure to give the artists motivation.

For this project I studied the environment of various artists such as Jackson Pollock Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Jean Michel Basquiat, Alberto Giocometti and in conclusion noticed that each had a sense of pickyness to when and where they worked.

It is titled starving artist because I believe that this design will feed the artist literally through sustainable and vegetational design and conceptually through artistic creative motivation architecturally.


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hARTo is a conceptual pathological idea toward the declining and corrupted economy in europe and the world in general.

The piece is done out of recycled cardboard found in the streets and other found materials such as newspaper, glue and paint. This is done to represent the idea of a giant monstrous form deconstructing itself symbolizing the economy and human greed. Especially after my own experience of demonstrations against Zapatero in Spain, Sarkozy in France, etc… with new laws against the working class and higer percentage of unemployment have made it obvious the true intentions of the government and also the public themselves. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is an influence as well as Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s “La Sombra del Viento”. Quotes from these books, as well as my personal ideas are spread throughout sporadically in the piece.


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November 27th, 2010

First art show in Europe, Barcelona, I wanted to demonstrate what has impacted in my trip, the theme of the show was immigration, and the one thing I could not ignore, was the situation primarily with Pakistani’s in Barcelona, which most by majority work in a supermarket called (Paki’s) me being an American and of Immigration Descent wanted to expose my disgust with this situation which most ignore and accept. Especially after the catastrophic floods this past July in Pakistan affecting more than 20 million people, which will cause more people to flee there country of origin, to a so called better future.

Los Paki’s de Europa son Los Mexicanos de Estados Unidos
The Paki’s of Europe are the Mexicans of the United States

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